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Clearing out junk in your basement

The basement is the place where people love to store stuff. Family heirlooms, old furniture, junk you will never use again, old books, and things that are simply sentimental. The basement is a great place for extra storage. But what are you actually storing?

At some point you need to move on and get rid of your unwanted items in order to reclaim some valuable space. Old college textbooks? You’re not going to read them again. The rusty old bicycles? They aren’t even roadworthy.

When you realize you no longer need to store junk, that’s when you give Junk Be Gone a call. We get down in that dirty basement and bring up all the old records, old tools, the mattress that’s been down there for 5 years, and take them to recycling heaven. We haul away tons of unwanted junk everyday. Philadelphia junk removal is made easy with Junk Be Gone. We make the junk removal process easy for you and help you on the road to a more organized space.

That old shed in the back yard? We’ll tear that down for you. That hot tub that’s been broken for years? We haul it away with ease. Call the friendly pros at Junk Be Gone to get started today!


Junk Season Is Here!

People have wasted no time clearing out junk from their way. It was rough running a 7 day schedule through this winter season with all the snow, but we managed to pull off one of our best junk seasons to date. With all of the new competition out there nowadays it’s amazing how we’ve been expanding and growing more than ever before.

We now have several trucks and crews to tackle any size project you need help with. All of our professional crews are dedicated to removing all of your unwanted junk in a speedy process that will impress you.

If you’ve got junk that you simply need out of your way just give Junk Be Gone a quick call to schedule a pickup and reclaim your space.

Center City Philadelphia furniture pick up

As you may know, it’s not easy navigating some of the streets in Center City Philadelphia. In some of the high-rise condo buildings, It is very difficult to get rid of unwanted furniture. Junk Be Gone Was born and raised in the city of Philadelphia. We know the buildings and streets very well, Making it easy for you to get rid of unwanted junk furniture. If you’ve got junk in Center City Philadelphia, Then you already may know how hard it is to get rid of your junk. Scheduling freight elevators, finding a parking spot for a truck, acquiring the required insurance for property management, and trying to find somewhere to take it. Scheduling your junk removal project with Junk Be gone is easy. We have great relationships with many of the property management companies in the Philadelphia. One simple phone call will get rid of all your unwanted junk.

Junk hauling in Ambler PA

Montgomery County has a lot of junk to get rid of. Junk Be Gone Has been rolling trucks in and out of Ambler and Wynnemore Hauling away hundreds of tons of junk. If you have junk removal needs anywhere in Montgomery County, Give us a call for the lowest rates and best services in the region. Remember, we do all the work. You show us where it’s at and we do the rest.

Did You Know?

Did you know Junk Be Gone works on Sundays? That’s right, we work seven days a week on removing your unwanted junk. We understand that people work during the week and only have weekends sometimes to do work around the house. Some companies can’t work on Sundays because they don’t have the manpower or enough equipment to handle such a demanding day. We have enough manpower and trucks to get the job done seven days a week.

If you need junk removal in Philadelphia or any of the surrounding counties, Give the professionals at Junk Be Gone a call any day of the week.

Junk Be Gone Secure Document Disposal


Junk Be Gone offers safe, secure removal of old documents. We recently cleared out a closing doctors office which was filled with old patient files and tax information. We understand the importance of sensitive information being destroyed in a secure manner. All of our paper and old files are sent to a document destruction site where they are shredded and melted down for recycling.

If you are an attorney, doctor, dentist, courtroom, or any other professional in Philadelphia or suburbs, and need an office cleanout, call Junk Be Gone for removal of all your sensitive documents.

Furniture disposal in Jenkintown PA


Are you buying some new furniture soon and need to get rid of your old stuff? Junk Be Gone Specializes in the safe removal of old junk furniture from your property, Making sure that you don’t need a contractor to repair your walls after we leave.

A family in Jenkintown Pennsylvania recently purchased a whole house of furniture And needed to get rid of furniture from their whole house. We safely removed every piece of unwanted furniture and were actually able to donate most of it.

If you need a solution to your junk removal needs in Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, And Philadelphia Counties, Give us a call for free estimate.